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Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are perfect for creating space because the door conveniently slides into a compartment in the wall, so you are creating space you never thought you’d have before! These pocket doors are pretty easy to install, depending on the structure of your walls, however in many cases it is quite an easy addition to make if you’re planning to renovate. Using modern construction mechanisms and installation techniques the pocket doors will close and open without making a sound, if you can add a soft close mechanism to your door, this will eliminate any slamming sound and reduce the risk of trapping your fingers in the door. The modern and unique look of the pocket doors is certain to add elegance to your home.

Classic Pocket Doors

Classic pocket doors look more like your standard hinged door simply because of them also having an architrave around the door opening. Classic pocket doors sure are a great way of making strong design statements. These doors can be used to harmonise the aesthetic of your space or to separate certain areas of your home and assign a different mood to different rooms in your home, as with us you are able to have a different design on each face of the door.


Synthesis Pocket Doors

These type of pocket doors are frameless, this adds an incredibly classy and smart look to your interior decor. The synthesis pocket door systems are also the most effective in creating a convenient connection between different rooms, which builds an image of more space between the adjoining rooms as well as easier access.

Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors give that modern and intriguing aesthetic to your home. The doors are fixed to a track which allows the left to right movement to occur. This means that these doors are great at saving space, which can come in especially handy in small rooms such as toilets. Such systems not only offers a clean and unique look but complete consistency and reliability. Furthermore these doors offer an impressive ease of access, a gentle push will make the door glide open. An open sliding door can also create the effect of joining two rooms together as the door opening will be empty and you won’t see the door, this visual effect can make your room look more spacious.

Classic Sliding Door

The main feature that differentiates a normal sliding door is that the track that is installed on the wall is visible. An oversized sliding door on a track looks very smart and sleek. The track it self adds an appealing look which when combined with a fine door can be a very powerful duo that will not fail to impress.

Concealed Sliding Door

These concealed sliding door mechanisms can impress by its stunning floating door effect, you can never see the track that the door glides on because it is always hidden behind the door and the door runs on wheels at the bottom to create a smooth and consistent movement.

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