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Glazed Doors

Doors with glass can really make a simple door look more intriguing than ever before, especially with how many different glazing patterns we have to offer to match anyones taste. Whether you want clear glass, frosted or frosted with a pattern on it, the choice is yours. Another amazing benefit of doors with glass is that they act as a great sound barrier due to the glass reflecting the sound vibrations, this makes glass doors especially useful for those noisy rooms. If you’re cooking dinner in the kitchen and don’t want children to come close to the hot oven, glass doors can be used to make it easier to keep an eye out for the children and make sure they’re playing safe.

Glass door configurations and layouts

Examples of glass door configurations

Here you can see a selection of the types of glass layouts we offer. We can offer you the most exquisite glass configurations to really enlighten your home in a very special way. These designs vary from a more simple design like the 101-V1 or to a more striking design like the 941-VT. The wonderful thing about glazed doors is that your room can be illuminated with sunlight, brining warmth and brightness into your home.

Glass types and feature glazing

Examples of glass types and feature glazing

Here you can see all of the feature glass patterns that we can offer. Each pattern carries a totally individual mood to it and really makes any door stand out from the rest. In addition, we can offer clear beveled glass or frosted glass with a clear bevel, making the glass options very flexible to fit you.

Our Collection

Here are the collection of interior doors that we can offer, we have divided these into the groups below to make your life easier and to explore the look you’re wanting. Click on the group you’re interested in to dive deeper into the world of unique doors.

Classic Doors

Classic Doors View the range

Contemporary Doors

Contemporary Doors View the range

Coloured Doors

Coloured Doors View the range

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