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Fire Doors

Most of the doors in our collection can be made into fire doors, which means you can enjoy having your perfect style door and reliable fire protection all in one door. All of the FD30 and FD60 doors have been tested to make sure they can withstand the roaring fires for as long as possible. To put it simply, fire doors save lives. To ensure that fire doors work and withstand the fire properly, you need to ensure that they are fitted correctly using the intumescent strip all the way round the door.

FD30 Door Kits

The fire rated door kits come with architraves and frames with the same finish as your door, to better harmonise the interior design. In addition, these frames and architraves come with pre machined slots for your hinges and latches. The hinges and latches that we provide with these interior FD30 door kits also come as fire rated. Furthermore this set comes with a pre fitted intumescent strip into the frame, which hold the purpose of expanding in the fire and blocking the gaps in between the frame and the door, not allowing any smoke to get through the door.


Bespoke fire doors

Almost any design of the doors that we can offer can be made into a fire door. Furthermore, those designs can be made into any size door you want and still be fire rated. This can really benefit you if you are looking to combine safety with a beautiful door design without making a compromise.

Glazed FD30 Doors

We can provide you with fire rated glass that we can add to your door. In addition to this you can also choose what the layout of the glass you would like to perfectly match your needs. You also have the choice of whether you want frosted glass which can be used in between rooms like showers and toilets to add privacy, or you can use a clear glass.

FD30 Pocket Doors

Pockets doors are great at saving you space in your home and creating more space in small rooms such as en-suites and bathrooms. The FD30 pocket doors means you can integrate safety and striking design into one piece. Double pocket door systems come supplied with the intumescent strip.


Extra Fire Door Features

A few extra features that you are able to add onto your door include: a closer for your door which is mechanism that automatically closes the door after it has been opened, we can also offer one of these as a concealed mechanism. You are also able to add a drop seal to your door which completely covers the bottom of the door when it closes, acts as a great sound barrier and also stops fire and smoke from coming out from the bottom of the door. Some of these door designs can also be made into an FD60 fire door for extra safety.


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