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Door Detailing Options

Door Detailing includes a lot of minuscule changes that you can make to your door in order to make it as unique as you want it to be. It’s the small things that make the difference. The details that you can add to your door include different groove details, a choice of different inlays and lines, different panel detailing and different glazing beads options. All of these details can really personalise your door and help you achieve the look that you desire, whether its a more rustic traditional or a clean contemporary kind of look.

Lines and Inlay Options

Inlay Details

These lines and inlay options allow you to add some character and a different medium to your door to create a truly astonishing design. The aluminium inlays come in 4 different colours to combine with any home design. We also offer coloured lines that are foil inserts that go into the groove of the door. These inserts are great at adding glow and intensity to your chosen door design.

Colour Door Panel Options

Colour door panel details

Here you will find all of the different panel detail options available for you to choose from. Each one of these details brings a different taste and character to your home making your interior arrangement blossom with uniqueness.  These panel details are exclusive to coloured doors only.

Panel and Glass Beads

Bead styles

When going for classic styles doors you will find that they will have a beading around the panels, whether it is a rasied and fielded or a flat panel. Usually you will only have the choice of one, however with us you can choose from 5 different beading options to add complete personalisation. You can boost the look of a classic styled interior design by adding the grand looking exclusive beading detail to your door.

Groove Details

Groove Types

There are two types of grooves available for you to choose from. Grooves add great texture and a pleasant solid door feel. There is the more intriguing omega groove which is more visible on a door compared to V-groove just because the omega groove cuts deeper into the door compared to the V-groove. The grooves themselves are made from solid wood, that you have a choice of 35 different wood species.

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Our Collection

Here are the collection of interior doors that we can offer, we have divided these into the groups below to make your life easier and to explore the look you’re wanting. Click on the group you’re interested in to dive deeper into the world of unique doors.

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Contemporary Doors

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