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Complete Door Sets

Our stunning door models can also be made as part of a complete door-set. Create continuity throughout your home with matching door frame/lining and architraves, with the door and frame supplied pre-machined for ironmongery for ease of installation. In addition, you will benefit from the complete door sets due to the doors and frames coming to you already pre-cut for hinges and latches to go in, saving you great amount of time and money.

Key features of a Door-Set Kit

Matching door frame and architrave

Having a complete door set means your architrave and frame will have exactly the same finish as the door, this builds great harmony and integration to the surrounding decor. A matching architrave, door frame and door leaf will not only enhance the look of your door but add class and uniqueness to your home.

Pre-machined for ironmongery

The frame and door will come with pre-machined spaces for your hinges and latches. This way you are guaranteed that the slots for those hinges and latches are cut out correctly. In addition you are saving yourself time and money on the installation process.

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Our Collection

Here are the collection of interior doors that we can offer, we have divided these into the groups below to make your life easier and to explore the look you’re wanting. Click on the group you’re interested in to dive deeper into the world of unique doors.

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