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Bespoke Door Sizes

As well as offering standard door sizes, all of our doors can be custom made to the size needed – any size up to 2400mm tall and 1200mm wide can be made to fit your requirements, we can go even bigger up to 2800mm in height and 1400mm in width but on a limited number of door styles. We can combine a metric width with an imperial height of the door or vice versa at no extra cost to you. If you would like a price for a door please take a look at our collections of doors and tell us which styles are of interest to you and the size of the doors needed.

Our made to measure doors are available as solid, glazed, fire-rated and fire-rated glazed doors.

To the right you will see a chart of all of the standard UK door sizes, however all of the doors in our collection can be made to your exact requirements. Whatever your choice of wood species or colour finish, whether it is glazed or fire-rated, you can also specify the size of your door. We can provide you with any size door up to 2.4 metres tall and 1.2 metres wide.

Standard Door Sizes

Metric Imperial
1981 x 533mm 78" x 21"
1981 x 610mm 78" x 24"
1981 x 686mm 78" x 27"
1981 x 762mm 78" x 30"
1981 x 838mm 78" x 33"
2040 x 626mm
2040 x 726mm
2040 x 826mm

Bespoke door sizes available up to 2800x1400mm

Choose from any of the above standard door sizes, or a combination of standard height and widths.

Need a custom door size?

All door models available in a range of Standard UK sizes

Most door models are available in sizes up to 2400x1200mm

Please contact us for more information regarding specific size requirements

Some door models are available in sizes up to 2800x1400mm

Please contact us for more information regarding specific size requirements

Not sure about something or want a price for a door? We’re here to help

Contact the team at Artis Doors on 01603 980558 or email us at

Our Collection

Here are the collection of interior doors that we can offer, we have divided these into the groups below to make your life easier and to explore the look you’re wanting. Click on the group you’re interested in to dive deeper into the world of unique doors.

Classic Doors

Classic Doors View the range

Contemporary Doors

Contemporary Doors View the range

Coloured Doors

Coloured Doors View the range

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